CYRILL JOUZEAU real estate broker


Long live change!

Even though change requires energy and effort, it is sometimes time to stop in your life and say it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Whether professionally or personally.

After decades of working under the colors of Century21 which I keep only good memories, it was time to move on because agency brokerage is quite restrictive and expensive. Impossible to take holidays for more than 10 days and this constant pressure to bring back the famous commissions.

As in my life, I like spending time with my partner, taking a long vacation, rediscovering Montreal, travelling the world and cooking… It was time to rethink my priorities.


Great revelation … or almost

After the thinking, we must act. It will have taken me a year to develop a brokerage system that allows me to continue to live well, to work less but better to maintain and exceed regulatory requirements and clients expectations.

The viaCOURTIER system was born.

My system is to offer the services of a traditional real estate broker at a lower cost thanks to a better knowledge of the needs of sellers to offer them only the services they really need, a greater technological presence to make it possible to win in efficiency, speed and competence and the abolition of the most important costs of a broker, agency fees.


Goal: Eliminate percentage commission

With three major areas of change, I can now offer package services. The seller pays a fixed amount for the marketing of his property.

Of course, if a collaborating broker comes with his buyers, he will receive a percentage commission. This percentage will be agreed between you and me at the time of the signing of the brokerage contract. Although not all brokers have the same luck as me but that does not stop them from having interesting customers.

What is important to remember is that the overall fees for compensation are still very much lower than a traditional commission.


The results

My clients save thousands of dollars on every transaction. They do not need to improvise themselves as real estate brokers hoping they have not forgotten a crucial detail that will come to haunt them at the time of sale … or after.

I have a lot more time for myself and I even went around the world during the summer with my partner. (Japan and Singapore are particularly interesting). The next round of the world is in preparation for a year and a half.

This web platform is in full development to speed up, structure and facilitate all communications with the various stakeholders throughout a transaction.


In conclusion

I’d really like to thank you, my clients, for getting into this adventure with me and giving me a lot of feedback and continuing to give it to me so that I can always improve myself. The change is a little, a lot scary but it’s enormously rewarding.